Pursuant to a long-term agreement with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Metrosert fulfils the functions of the Central Office of Metrology in Estonia (equivalent to a National Metrology Institute). The Estonian Centre of Accreditation (EAK) has accredited Metrosert as the calibration and verification laboratory and a certification body.

Metrosert is authorised to perform the initial EC verification of measuring instruments in European Union and is a notified body in the European Union in the initial EC verification of non-automatic scales. Our identification number is 1543.

The company has offices located in three cities around Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu, Jõhvi.


Basic information

  • Share capital 1 979 700 €
  • The shares belong to the Republic of Estonia
  • The number of employees is 56



  • Predecessor, the Chamber of Weights and Measures, was established in 1919.
  • During 40-years period until the beginning of 1990s metrology laboratories in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Kohtla-Järve were a part of state measurement system, while bearing different names.
  • On the basis of these, state companies Metrosert, Tartu SMK, Pärnu SMK and Kohtla-Järve SMK were founded in 1992.
  • On 21 January 2000 Metrosert and Tartu SMK were merged.
  • AS Metrosert holds the national measurement standards since 2001
  • Company is the Central Office of Metrology of Estonia since 2002