Metrosert offers training and seminars in metrology area. Lectures and seminars give an overview on the following topics:

  • Legal metrology in Estonia and EU (measurement law, directives)
  • Concepts and terminology
  • Measurement standards (national-, reference- and working standards)
  • Measuring instruments: choice and exploitation
  • Verification and calibration
  • Measurement, measurement method and procedure
  • Traceability of measurement results, uncertainty estimate
  • Measurement result, design and presentation


Taking into account customer requirements the training or seminar agenda is composed (with practical measurements if required). The place and time of the training, group size and equipment are agreed with the customer. Lectures/seminars participants obtain relevant certificates. The certificate is recognized by EAK as a metrological training. Furthermore, Metrosert’s training is an important part in application for the competent meter and/or laboratory accreditation.

The metrological training is intended for the test and analytical laboratories personal, verification and calibration specialists, officers, supervision and quality specialists.

Customers participated in our training: Tax and Customs Board, Eesti Energia Kaevandused AS, Veterinary and Food Board, Vopak EOS, Ämari Lennubaas, Tarmetec OÜ, TJA, Kalev AS and others.  


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