Accurate measuring instruments of Metrosert allow measurements of metrological parameters of devices, components and other objects. The method and range of measurements are conformed by specialists of Metrosert.

For the performed measurements a measurement report is issued. It contains description of a measured object, equipment used, method and measurement results with the measurement uncertainty estimate.  


Most common special measurements and tests

  • Linear, roundness and cylindricity measurements of components, devices and other objects. Surface straightness and flatness measurements.
  • Mass measurements from milligram to 60 tones
  • Capacity measures, bunkers and other liquid and dry substances measures capacity measurements
  • Temperature measurements from –40 to +1100 °C
  • Rotation velocity measurement
  • Electrical parameters measurement
    • Electrical conductivity measurements of metals in the range (2...15) MS/m at frequencies 60/120/240/480 kHz and (15...60) MS/m at a frequency 60 kHz with the measurement uncertainty <1%
  • Autoclave and sterilization equipment tests by temperature and pressure measurements
  • Conformity control of temperature meters used during transportation and storage of refrigerated and frozen food
  • Taximeters tests


Metrosert is accredited by EAK as a testing laboratory for temperature, mass, liquid capacity and length measurements.

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