The first national measurement standards of the Republic of Estonia – the standards for mass and length – were officially adopted by the Regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs on 7 March 2001. This list was enriched by adding the national standard for temperature in January 2005. The maintenance and development of national measurement standards has been appointed to AS Metrosert, the Central Office of Metrology, which acts as a National Metrology Institute in the Republic of Estonia.


Metrosert is responsible for

  • Providing reliable traceability of measurement results to the SI units,
  • Maintenance and improvement of the measurement capability,
  • Conducting local inter-laboratory comparison measurements,
  • Participation in international comparison measurements,
  • Research in the relevant fields in order to improve the available metrological competence and to make it easily accessible for everyone.



The maintenance of the national measurement standards is one of the contract tasks of Metrosert under its agreement with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Maintenance and use of the national measurement standards requires high qualification, skills and experience from personnel, and very good laboratory environment, which indeed have been established for the national measurement standards. The main aim of national measurement standards is to make the accurate calibration services available to everyone on equal basis.



Development priority is to ensure traceability of measurement results by using national measurement standards in various fields:

  • Mass measurements for calibrating weights <1 mg,
  • Automatization of gauge block calibration by using 3D CMM,
  • Application of Hg, Sn and Zn fixed points for temperature measurements,
  • The measurement of AC quantities with appropriate uncertainty.



The full membership in EURAMET e.V. and signature of CIPM MRA enable Metrosert to claim the reliability and international equivalence of measurement results at the level of high-accuracy measurement standards. The Estonian contact persons in the technical committee of EURAMET:

  •  Delegate to General Assembly Toomas Kübarsepp
  • Alternate to Delegate to General Assembly Andrei Pokatilov
  • Quality, Indrek Odrats
  • Capacity Building, Lauri Lillepea
  • Length, Holger Kruusla
  • Mass, Allar Pärn
  • Force, Koit Uustalu
  • Pressure, Andrii Vytvytskyi
  • Thermometry, Kristjan Tammik
  • Electricity and magnetism, Andrei Pokatilov
  • Photometry and Radiometry Toomas Kübarsepp

Metrosert has participated in 58 EURAMET/EUROMET projects so far (click for the list of EURAMET projects here).